Data Link d.o.o. is implementing a research and development project in partnership with Fiditas d.o.o., with the aim of strengthening the capacity of the company for research, development and innovation of new products within the IRI project, the S3 area.

The project title is "Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities - Phase II", the project started on 17.08.2020 and lasts until 17.08.2023. It is carried out for a period of 36 months in two phases; Industrial Research and Experimental Development.

Name of the project; Development of a modular reflector in explosion-proof version

The project code number is KK.

Total project value is 6.307.834,83 HRK, total eligible costs are 5.815.702,08 HRK of which the grant is HRK 3.891.523,69 HRK.

Data link d.o.o. company is engaged in the development and production of anti-explosion LED lighting for work in difficult conditions in shipyards, oil and gas industry, etc. Over the past few years, the company has developed anti-explosion lighting for special purposes through the work of its own experts, and the task of this project is to develop a modular reflector in the anti-explosion version of "Ex d" and "Ex t" for the IIC gas and dust group IIIC.

Fiditas d.o.o. is a partner and will assist Data Link d.o.o. in this multidisciplinary field of science and technology.

The development of such a demanding product implies the selection of materials and technologies of production that will ultimately result in a unique product in accordance with strict requirements of regulations and norms.

The contact person for more information is Rinalda Petani-Pazin -

Fiditas and Data Link in joint IRI project