The project of research and development within the IRI project, the S3 area, which is a partnership of Data Link and Fiditas is currently in the Industrial research phase.

Development of a modular reflector started on 17.08.2020 and lasts until 17.08.2023. It is carried out for a period of 36 months in two phases; Industrial Research and Experimental Development. The project code number is KK. The total project value is 6.307.834,83 HRK, total eligible costs are 5.815.702,08 HRK of which the grant is HRK 3.891.523,69 HRK.

The Industrial research phase that is currently ongoing includes different activities from multidisciplinary fields of science and technology. Some of the activities are: setting up a product concept and defining procedures, design and simulation of various LED lamp modules, analysis and simulation of mutual influences of lamp components, analysis and developing of the process for chemical tempering of sodium glass (Elephant Glass), new adhesives that could potentially be used in construction, additional tests of aluminum housings and alloys in real temperature conditions, electronics design, defining methods for reliable gap testing in later production, tests for dynamic and static pressure of the housing.

The contact person for more information is Rinalda Petani-Pazin -

IRI project - Development of a modular reflector in explosion-proof version