Data Link’s team of experts has extensive knowledge of various complex technological processes in high end production.

During the existence of the company for 30 years, we have developed a large number of different specialized devices in the field of measuring technology, special robotic production processes and high demands production processes.

We would especially like to emphasize the design and implementation of special high-throughput systems for measuring SMD components of various types such as varistors, high-precision NTC resistors and PTC components.

Our customers are some of the most prominent manufacturers of passive electronic components such as EPCOS, TDK, BOURNS and others.

Custom design projects:

  • PSM10-300 is an instrument for measuring and testing reverse voltage of protective components
  • SI3300A Varistor Measurement System (EPCOS)
  • ESI3300A NTC Measurement System (EPCOS - TDK)

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