LGPM-C3 is an instrument for measuring spatial distribution of light from the light fixture.

The devices is based on the software platform LabVIEW and is fully programmable. The basic purpose is creating IES and LDT files used for light technology calculation in tools such as Dialux, Relux etc.

The operating application allows the creation of a file in PDF format. The report containes data on the lamp, the measuring instrument and measurement parameters, as well as polar, Cartesian and 3D diagram of the spatial distribution of light, BUG standard, and the illumination shown in isoluxes. The spatial diagram with standard features generates an isolux diagram which shows area luminance. The program can adjust the mounting height of the lamp and the program automatically calculates the new luminance. 

The device consists of top-quality of the shelf parts used in robotics and there is no need for maintenance.

  • Ideal for large SSL lamps and LED modules
  • Comprehensive software
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Top quality materials
  • Comply to IES TM-75, LM-63 & TM 15
  • Type "C" with horizontal optical axis

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