We develop and produce full LED modules on aluminum or FR4 substrates for our users, according to special demands.

Construction includes all necessary solutions, ranging from designing electronic schemes, creating the layout of Printed Circut Boards (PCB), to optical design, electronic and thermal analysis and highly serial production of LED modules.

In our own light technology laboratory, we conduct measurement and analysis of LED modules for the following characteristics:

  1. EMC analysis in the sense of generating interference in the electromagnetic spectrum, both for DC or AC construction of LED modules.
  2. Measuring all electrical characteristics of the module using high precision equipment.
  3. Thermal analysis of the entire LED module and luminaire, with measurements of technical conductibility and LEDs’ thermal conductivity and junction temperature.
  4. Analysis of LED modules’ behavior at high environmental temperatures, with or without refrigerator or light fixture.
  5. Measuring the module lumen output in normal operating conditions and at higher temperatures, both with and without secondary optics.
  6. Photogoniometric measurement of spatial distribution of the LED module and creating the appropriate IES file for use with light technology calculations.
  7. Spectrophotoradiometric measurement of the entire module or LEDs itself.

Using our two fully automated high-capacity SMD lines, we are able to produce a large series of LED modules, with two soldering processes; the standard Reflow technique and the special Vapor Phase welding procedure in strictly controlled temperature conditions. We can produce linear LED modules up to 1200 mm in length, and both lines’ capacity exceeds 80.000 components per hour.


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