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DPL Magic Marker

DPL Magic Marker

Air-cooled diode Nd:YAG laser marker sets new standards in laser marking. It is the world’s smallest device of this type in its class, presented as compact, reliable and very reasonably priced.

A combination of unique optic, electronic and mechanical technology, ACI laser marking system offers a significant advantage: an integration of all components into a single device. Electronics integrated into laser source supervises and controls the entire laser process. The user is continuously informed on the operation of individual system components through Windows-oriented software for laser marking. With precise high-quality laser beam, the ACI marking system produces microprint, micrographics, bar codes, photos and logos with resolution up to 1000 dpi. Whether the task is marking by metal engraving or changing the color of plastic or removing the coating, almost any material can be marked by changing the surface contrast. ACI Magic Marker system weighs only 15 kg. As an option, bases, rotating tables, motorized Z-axis, smoke exhaustion system, safety equipment etc. can be ordered.

MagicMark software

A combination of user-friendly Windows environment and the possibilities for programming complex processes for industrial applications using the functions of Visual Basic, make this software a versatile program tool in different areas of application. MagicMark works under Windows 2000, XP or NT operating systems. Further details on the characteristics of the MagicMark marking system can be found on ACI Laser GmbH’s website.

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