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DATA LINK d.o.o.
Blajburških žrtava 16, 43000 Bjelovar - Croatia
Phone: +385 (0)43 211 111
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Research and development (R&D)

We independently design and implement projects, using the most modern special equipment, tools and measuring instruments. Since the founding of our company, we have focused on own production. We have a development laboratory and fully automatic medium-capacity SMD production line, a robotic adhesive and filler dosage system, laser marker, automatic spool wheel etc. Our high level of technological equipment allows us to implement any project, starting from the initial idea to automatic serial production.

In the recent years, the company has turned its focus on the development and production of professional LED lightingby using fully automated and partially robotic lines, a specialized laboratory for analyzing and designing light sources, technical light analysis and component quality control equipment, aging chambers, stress test chambers and other devices are used in the development process.

Laboratory equipment

  • Different Oscilloscopes, Digital, Analog and MSO
  • Precise Multi meters and Source meters
  • Arbitrary waveform generators
  • Programmable power supply
  • High resolution thermal imaging camera
  • Photogoniometer and Photometers
  • Integrating spheres, spectrophotometers and photometers
  • Grid measuring instruments
  • Climate chamber and many more
Investment into future