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Robotic lines

Robotic lines

RCM3 – Robotic Cleaning Machine

Robotic line HPDI EPCOS

The robotic cleaning line for piezo actuators from remnants of the silicon mass from previous production processes. The machine consists of two SCARA robots and a single-axis robot which simultaneously carry out the operation of removing the remnants of silicon mass, in order to achieve greater efficiency of the machine. In addition to cleaning, the machine performs optical inspection of pins, as well as the geometry and position of kapton insulation. In the case of error, the robot places the actuator on appropriate bins for removal of the defects and subsequent reprocessing.
In this concept of cleaning systems, SCARA robots fully imitate the manual piezo actuator cleaning procedure tested in practice. The system can be programmed to perform all operations done by workers during the manual procedure, including the sequence of cleaning operations. The robotic cleaning line is based on the software platform LabVIEW.

RAOI-1 Robotic Automated Optical Inspection

Robotic line PUMA EPCOS

The robotic device for optical inspection of the piezo actuators fully replaces human labor and conducts optical actuator inspection and sorting, depending on the measured data. The system consists of a SCARA robot which performs all necessary manipulations of products.
In addition to serving the AOI system on the device, additional functions, such as a printer for printing DMC code and a camera for recognizing the color of ceramics and pin orientation, are included. A station for cleaning the actuator prior to printing the DMC code is implemented on the device.
The system has a very flexible approach in programming and entering all necessary operations. All working parameters are stored in parameter files on the disc, and individual measuring procedures are simply activated before the machine is started. The robotic optical inspection device is based on the software platform LabVIEW.

AMU Automatic Varistor Measurement and Sorting Device

The Automatic Varistor Measurement and Sorting Device is based on the software platform LabVIEW, which guarantees a high quality, stability and easy upgrades to the system. The system’s basis for automatic measurements consists of a SCARA robot, which manipulates the components using vacuum nozzles. The robot takes SMD varistors from the feeder and places them on one of the two measuring positions. Up to 30 measurements can be performed on each component. After the measurement is completed, the SCARA robot sorts the components into the appropriate bins.

The measuring process takes place in the following sequences:

  1. Taking two components from the feeder
  2. Placing the components on the two measuring stations
  3. Measuring the components according to the established protocol
  4. Sorting the components into the appropriate bins

The device is fully software-controllable and adjustable to any specific user demand. The software functions are fully modified to suit the user’s needs. The described concept is generic, and therefore allows subsequent upgrades of individual functions within the limits of the device’s basic purpose.

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