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Investment into Future

The project was financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The contents of the broadcast material is the sole responsibility of the company Data link d.o.o.

The company Data Link has received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund, for the project “Increasing productivity of the company by introducing innovative technology of LED lighting fixtures”, which will enable an increase in the capacity of manufacturing and assembly of electronic LED module for at least 20 times.

The total value of this project is 10,476,738.07 HRK, while the value of the received grant is 4,582,707.37 HRK. The project implementation period is 19 months, from 30.05.2014 to 29.12.2015.

Further details on structural funds are available at and

Also interested users can obtain further details on the implementation of the project at the company Data link d.o.o. by contacting the e-mail address, contact person Darko Crha, company director. 

Investment into future