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Ex GALA LED explosion proof

Ex GALA LED explosion proof

EX Gala LED is a portable, safety LED lighting with high level of protection intended for use in places with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere.

The lamp is designed for the use in the marine, shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore industries, both for indoor and outdoor spaces.  It can be used as portable, temporary lighting and it can be positioned as general, fixed in lighting.

During the development process of Ex GALA our main focus was on the compactness of the lamp so we created a low weight, compact lamp which is easy to handle and manipulate with.

The Ex GALA LED lamp is a state of the art product with many outstanding features. The lamp operates on two voltages - on 230VAC and on a safety, low voltage of 42 VAC which is in compliance with the highest safety standards (CENELEC norm HD63751). The Ex GALA light weighs only 2,3kg, has luminous flux up to 2500 lumen, and has a high level of protection.

The lamp is not only “armour” with a retrofitted LED light source, but a specially designed LED light source with an extremely robust and reliable enclosure that is also a heat sink for very efficient LED cooling.


Ex GALA is designed for application in indoor and outdoor facilities and industrial areas. It is used as temporary safety lighting in the marine industry in highly flammable, hazardous areas with an explosive gas and dust atmosphere – shipbuilding, ship repair, offshore, painting, maintenance.  Applicable in Hazardous zones: 1, 2, 21, 22


The main advantages of Ex GALA LED are significant financial savings and cost reductions achieved through the use of this lighting, large energy power savings, an increase in lighting operation reliability and a major increase in worker safety and productivity due to high luminosity of the lighting.


  • Ex GALA allows excellent thermal management because the LED engine is directly attached to the top and bottom cover acting as an efficient heat sink
  • The LED light source has a circular characteristic of 360 °
  • Ex GALA has high light intensity but in the same time there is no glare
  • Low weight of 2,3kg
  • The LED light source is at least 25W, with luminous flux of at least 2500
  • Efficient and quality cooling of LED light source


Fixture type Ex GALA
Operating Voltage  38 – 48 VAC / 50-60 Hz;  230 VAC / 50-60Hz
Total System Power Consumption ~25 W
Power Factor >  0,98 at 42 VAC
Total Harmonic Distortion Ithd <8 %
Operating Temperature -20oC to +50oC
IP Rating IP 67
Lumen output (lm) at 25oC >2.500 lm
Luminary Efficacy ~ 110 lm/W at 5 000 K
CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) 4 500 K to 5500 K
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) ≥80
Estimated service life 60.000 working hours Tamp. 25°C
Protection Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection & IK8, IP 67

Thermally prestressed borosilicate glass tubing, wall thickness 7mm

Aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg

Fixture Weight 2,3kg glass
Dimensions Φ110 mm x 265 mm (including Gland)


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