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Welcome to the web portal of the company Data link d.o.o., hereinafter: DL, Bjelovar, Franjevačka 11.

The web portal and its entire contents are the property of DL and are protected by relevant legislation which regulates and protects intellectual property rights.

The website is accessed via the Internet, international computer network not controlled by DL directly, and therefore DL cannot guarantee the availability of services and information.

By accessing DL’s web portal, you confirm that you are familiar with the General Conditions for Using the Portal and that you agree that they will be applied, as well as to any resulting legal consequence.

All information contained on this web portal is made public solely for information purposes and cannot be used for any other purpose. DL undertakes the obligation to update this portal’s contents in the regular course of affairs, and will invest reasonable effort into maintaining the portal’s function and the accuracy of information contained herein. However, DL will not be in any way responsible for damage resulting from temporary unavailability of the portal caused by technical factors, or for accuracy, reliability and completeness at all times of the information on any product or service, or any other information.

The web portal and its contents may not be altered, copied, distributed or shown without prior written approval by DL. Any action contrary to this provision will result in material and criminal responsibility.

If you have any comments and/or queries regarding the above, please contact us at

Personal information security and protection

When visiting this website, your personal information will not be made public or ceded to third parties, except with your express approval.

In certain locations within the website and at certain times, DL will collect users’ personal information (first and last names, address, company name, telephone number, e-mail address…). This information will be used solely for the purpose of contacting and registering users of the website and to collect statistical data on the number of visitors to the website Any communication or materials that you submit, such as queries, comments, suggestions etc. will not be deemed confidential. DL will treat the collected data in accordance with the applicable legislation and will not cede them to third parties to use or process them for any other prohibited purpose. An exemption from the obligation to keep the confidentiality of data is DL’s obligation to proceed in accordance with a court order or an order by another governmental authority.


The contents of this site are protected by copyright which belongs to DL, or has been ceded to DL and is owned by third parties. DL also owns the copyright to edit, select and coordinate the contents of this website. Also, this website may contain trademarks or other intellectual property of DL or third parties. No content on this website may be used without DL’s approval.

Any infringement of the said copyright represents a breach of conditions for using web page materials and is subject to material and criminal responsibility.
Communication and materials that you submit, such as queries, comments, suggestions etc. will not be deemed confidential.

Sending e-mail messages

If you send us an e-mail message containing your personally identifiable information, such information will be used for the purpose of fulfilling your request. However, such information submission can be unsafe and subject to unauthorized access by third parties or erroneous delivery. DL will not be responsible for security and privacy of such messages, retaining the right to reproduce, use, dispose of and distribute them to third parties without restrictions.

Links to third parties’ websites

Links on this website is for your information only, and DL will not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of information, contents of such websites or results obtained by their use. If you decide to access any of the links, you do this at your full responsibility.

Applicable law

Croatian law is applicable for the interpretation, application and legal effects of all permissions, exclusions and conditions for use of DL’s website, and Croatian courts have the exclusive jurisdiction over any claims and disputes arising as a result of using DL’s website or related to it.

Distribution of information and material published on DL’s website can be restricted by law in certain jurisdictions, and each person must be familiar with such regulations and act in accordance with them, and DL will not be responsible for any access to the website from the area where their contents are restricted or prohibited.

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