The line consists of:

  • Magazine Loader (Asys – VEGO Dynamic AES 01)
  • EKRA SERIO 4000 stencil printer
  • ASCCON VP2000
  • Unloader VEGO Dynamic AMS 01
  • 3 x ASYS VEGO Compact BC0 02 conveyor

Fully automatic line for the production of SMD modules, with the capacity of 55 000 components per hour. The entry of the line is equipped with an ASYS PCB Magazine Loader which adds PCB plates from the storage magazine into EKRA. EKRA Serio 4 000 is a stencil printer that is fully programmable and has a print optical inspection, optical adjustment of fiducials and automatic cleaning. The print format is 600 x 400 mm. All line elements are connected with ASYS conveyor which transfer PCB plates to SAMSUNG DECAN F2 and ASSCON VP2000 Vapor phase.

SAMSUNG DECAN F2 is a Dual Lane and Dual Gantry Pick & Place machine with 10 heads and a speed of 80 000 components per hour. It places components from 0402 to >16mm and with a fixed camera up to >42mm. Components are soldered to PCB plates in the ASSCON VP2000 Vapor phase reflow oven which solders by using Galden fumes with absence of air which is perfect for the most demanding requirements of soldering, with minimal power consumption. For the optimization process a Dynamic Profiling system for soldering control is used. After that the PCB plates pass the optical and electronic inspection and are stored in the ASYS Unloader which is programmable and adaptable to all kinds of magazines..


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