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Incandacsent bulb   

GALA LED                  

Price kWh                   EUR cent

Price GALA LED        EUR


Time for return on investment



Time for return on investment


Gala LED work lighting

Gala LED work lighting

Revolution in shipbuilding and ship repair work lighting

GalaLED - ST01 is a new, revolutionary model of LED portable work lighting intended for use in the maritime, shipbuilding, ship repair and offshore industry.  Due to its low, operating voltage of 48VAC, GalaLED - ST01 can safely be used during multiple stages of shipyard work stages and work processes - steelwork, sandblasting, high-pressure washing, anticorrosion protection and painting.

This innovative, user friendly, high-efficiency LED lighting has a high lumen output of ~ 2.000lm and transparent housing with circular light source.

Gala LED LL2Gala LED LL2

Since GalaLED - ST01 is manufactured by using only the highest quality materials it is highly resistant and robust and it allows handling without any risk of damaging or breakage of the lamp. The lamp has IP66 rating and IK10 mechanical protection grade.

Compared to classic incandescent lighting which is heavy and difficult to handle, GalaLED - ST01 weighs only 0,65 kg and is simple and easy to manipulate with and move around. The GalaLED - ST01 lighting system increases overall worker productivity and safety due to accordance with CENELEC norm HD63751, and improves efficiency of all work processes.


  • energy consumption > 80% lower in comparison with classic incandescent lighting
  • equipment and material used for the new lighting system
  • lighting maintenance costs
  • lighting installation time

Gala LED LL2 with its highly competitive market pricing and outstanding performance characteristics is fully repaid by energy savings in a very short period, directly improving the profitability of the company using it.


  • High energy efficiency, energy savings 
  • Power consumption 17W
  • Operating voltage 48VAC
  • Luminary efficiency ~ 2.000lm
  • Circular light source
  • Strong connection to three types of cable - 2 x 1,5mm², 2 x 2,5mm² and for longer line runs 2 x 6mm²
  • Robust construction – IP66, IK10
  • Weight 0,65kg


GalaLED - ST01 has connection to three types of power supply cable. It can be connected to 2 x 1,5mm², 2 x 2,5mm² cable and for longer line run 2 x 6mm² cable. The cable connection goes directly through the upper cover of the lamp and is very strong and resistant.

Gala LED LL2Gala LED LL2

Gala LED LL2

Video presentation of the application GALA LED in shipyard


Technical specifications:

Fixture type GalaLED - ST01
Operating Voltage 38 – 48 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Total System Power Consumption ~17 W
Power Factor >  0,7 at 42 VAC
Total Harmonic Distortion Ithd ~22 %
Operating Temperature -40oC to +50oC
IP Rating IP 66
Initial Total Lumens ~ 1 900 lm
Luminary Efficacy ~ 110 lm/W at 5 000 K
CCT (Correlated Colour Temperature) 4500 K do 5500 K
CRI (Colour Rendering Index) 80 – 85 dependant on LED chip
Protection IK10, Overvoltage, Overtemperature
Luminary Inner Protective Cover PMMA 2,5 mm
Removable Protective Cover PC 2,5 - 3 mm
Fixture Body PMMA, PA6, PC, i ABS
Fixture Weight 0,65 kg
Dimensions D90 x H280mm


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